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Cyclopean Stimulation 

Acrylic (48 X 32)"

Artists Comment:
This is an experimental painting.  These paintings are very difficult and require a perfectionist personality.  I have worked very hard to overcome my perfectionist training and now find this type painting very difficult to do. It makes me wonder what kind of a personality Mondrian had.  

The viewer has to take an active role in order to see what this painting is all about. You have to view the painting cross-eyed. You will see three images. Concentrate your gaze on the middle image. If you relax, while gazing the middle image, it will develop into a three dimensional image. The rectangles will float above the background and the flower floats above the rectangles.  The bird floats above all.  Me and many people that were able to view this experienced an unusual feeling .  Be sure to email me and tell me about your viewing experience.



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July 2016